Grand Final Public Holiday

Just a heads up that we’ll be running classes tomorrow on a modified timetable:

Friday 30th September

7.00am Strength & Tone

8.00am FBT

9.00am Boxing Fitness

10.00am Strength and Tone

All classes will be at Bodysharp Camberwell (Fordham Ave Scout Hall) with Lorraine

Classes on Saturday will run as per usual.

Drop a Pant Size Before Summer

Now that we’re finally starting to see some glimpses of the sun poking out from behind the clouds you’re probably starting to think about shedding that winter coat. Whether you’ve been training over winter or not you’ve probably been indulging a little too much over the colder months, I think we all do it.

If you’re looking to get back into shape before summer hits there’s a few simple rules you need to follow to make sure you get the results you’re looking for.

1. Make yourself accountable. Whatever plan you have to lose weight it is destined to fail if you don’t have some way of tracking your progress. The best way to do this is through a mobile app like MyFitnessPal but a simple diet diary will do just as well. You don’t need to write down every detail of your day but as a minimum you should be recording the meals that you’ve eaten as well as a record of your progress like body weight or a waist measurement. If you’re not recording some details of your plan you won’t know what to change when your progress starts to stall.

2. Stick to one plan. The truth is most nutrition plans work as long as you stick to them and don’t make any extreme choices. While we certainly wouldn’t recommend any diets that endorse cutting your calories down drastically low or sticking to a very narrow range of food sources, most of the popular weight loss programs have pros and cons. It’s up to you to choose one that you think you’ll be able to stick to for a realistic amount of time.

3. Pick a plan that is simple and easy to follow. The best diet plans allow you to eat in a way that is mostly similar to the way you eat now. The clients that we deal with more often than not only have a small amount of weight to lose so they’re already eating a reasonably healthy diet. If you fall into this category you probably just need to identify one or two bad habits (alcohol or sugar consumption usually) and start tracking your meals with a food diary or fitness app. There’s absolutely no need to make drastic changes to your current diet or start cutting out entire categories of food if you only have a few kilos to lose.

4. Pick a plan that includes a variety of food sources. Despite all the online debating, most of the current nutrition philosophies that are being thrown around are not all that dissimilar. Paleo, Low Gi, Low Carb and Vegan diets will all encourage you to eat mostly plant based foods with a small amount of protein and fat. It’s the basis for most diet plans because it is the most effective way to lose weight that we know of. Base each of your meals around mostly veggies, low gi carbs like oats, brown rice or quinoa and a small amount of protein like lean meat, fish, eggs or yoghurt and you can’t go too far wrong.

5. Allow yourself some wiggle room. Most of the time when we see nutrition plans fail because it all becomes too hard to work around social functions. Within your plan you need to make an allowance for eating out with friends or family. Our recommendation is to eat what you want when you go out but modify the meal as much as you can. If you know your venue has big portions then share them with a friend or partner,  order vegies or a salad on the side instead of chips and space out any alcoholic drinks with some soda water. You’re not going to wreck a whole week by having one bad meal but you can wreck it in a few meals so don’t go overboard.

Summer is just around the corner so if you’re planning to get back into shape before then the time to start planning is now. Set yourself some realistic goals, start tracking your meals and try to choose healthier options when you can. When your progress stalls look back through your diary and see which areas you can improve on moving forward.

4 Week Beginners Bootcamp

With only a few weeks to go until the start of spring you’re probably starting to think about getting back into shape. The days are getting longer and the mornings are a little brighter so why not get moving?

Starting next Monday 15th of August we’ll be running a 4 week Beginners Bootcamp to help you get your fitness back on track. The beginners bootcamp program will run for four weeks on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6.15am at the Lynden Park Scout Hall in Camberwell and cost just $30.00 (for the entire four week program!)

As part of the beginners program, we’ll also give you access to all of our other classes in Camberwell and Glen Iris so you can attend Bodysharp as often as you like.

We’re limiting this offer to the first 12 people that apply, so if you’d like to get on board just fill in the contact form below.

Please note: This is trial membership offer so is only available if you have not had an active Bodysharp membership in the last 3 months. Current Bodysharp members are more than welcome to join the beginners program on their active memberships.

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1.5hr Bootcamp Super Class

For something different next term we’re going to introduce a new class format at Bodysharp Hartwell on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. We’ve had a lot of requests for some running groups during the week rather than just Saturday mornings so we’re going to turn the 5.30am classes at Hartwell into running classes. With a dynamic warm up at the start and stretch at the end the running component of the class will be about 30 minutes.

The 6.15am class format will stay the same (either Strength & Tone or Core) with the idea being that some keen members will do both classes back to back to make a 90 minute super class. You’ll still have the option of doing either class by themselves. We’ll make sure that we get some extra heavy dumbells down at Hartwell as well as the light ones so these classes will be challenging for all fitness levels.

If you feel like your fitness has hit a bit of a plateau, or you’d like to improve your running fitness these classes will be a great way to step it up a bit. If you’d be interested in trying out a few of these new classes next term (starting Monday 11th July) then please let us know.